My Last Email

Hey Everyone,

Well, this will be my last email to all of you. I cannot believe that my mission has come and gone. I don’t know where the time has gone.
I have truly come to love the people of Idaho. It has been the honor of my life to serve here with so many great friends, and help those that the Lord has chosen. I will be forever grateful for the memories and experiences that I have had here on my mission.
If there is anything that I have learned while here, it is this:
God, our Father lives. He loves us enough to make a way for us to become like Him. He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to set forth the perfect example of how to become like Him. While here on Earth, Christ not only taught us how to change from our imperfections, but suffered and died to make this overwhelming task possible. After hundreds of years of being lost through greed and corruption, God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ were merciful enough to reach out to us again and restore the authority and gospel truths necessary to become like Him through the chosen prophet Joseph Smith.
I have a strong witness and knowledge that Christ’s church is on the Earth today, with His power here to direct it and carry out the required ordinances of salvation. This same knowledge can be made know to any man if he humbly asks God in the name of Christ, with faith and sincerity, simply if this is true. All that actually pursue this course always gain the same witness that I leave you today.
I praise my Father for the life he has given me, and will ever be in the service of His Son.
“Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.”
-3 Nephi 5:13
Look forward to seeing you all soon!
Elder Allen

More Baptisms & My Last Week in Idaho

Hey Everyone,

It has been a good week. On Saturday,  we had another baptism. We were able to have  the ward lined up to help with the new member discussions. Everything is rolling smoothly. I’m pleased Elder Harris learns the area and people.
It is sad that I won’t be able to see Mike get baptized. Originally we planned his baptism for this Saturday, but unfortunately he will be in Boise. Now it is scheduled for the following Tuesday. He is still making the right step though. We saw miracles as he willingly accepted the new commandments we taught him this last week. The elect accept the gospel and truly make all the sacrifices necessary to be baptized. He is definitely one of those.
I love all of you!



An Exciting (Busy) Week

Hey Everyone,

It has been another great week. I have learned eternal truths, striven to better myself, and felt the inspiring love of the Savior. Thank you all for helping me have experiences I will never forget.
We had a baptism this last week. We have another one on Saturday. Plus, we just set a date, October 14,  with Mike, a 25 year old air-force guy,  we have been teaching a couple of months. He has come so far, it is awesome to see him progress. The work is picking up here. I love this area, and it will be sad to leave.
I miss you all, and hope you all have a great day!

Modern Day Miracles


Hey Everyone,

It has been another success filled week. We had a miracle: We were driving and we got a text that our investigator with a date would like to be baptized 2 weeks early! We didn’t think that he would be ready, but they insisted and he passed the interview on Saturday.
Also, we saw success come from working with members. I remember right before a dinner, we prayed for inspiration to help share a message with a member family, to have them invite their friends to hear our message. We ended up sharing a message based on love being the center piece of the gospel, and how we show our love and faith when we invite. Two days later, they called us telling us that they talked with their neighbors (who have lived in Soda Springs for over 30 years and never met with missionaries) and invited them to hear the message. They accepted, and we will be teaching them in the members home! You never know who is being prepared.
Thanks for all that you do.

A Phenomenal Week

Hey Everyone,

This has been a phenomenal week.  I have a new companion, Elder Harris. He is from Long Bech, California. We work well together. Also, we have been working as hard as we can.   As a result of our efforts, we are seeing some great results. Members are more willing to work with us. We are being invited to all ward councils We are seeing people come to church and almost more referrals than we can handle, etc. It truly is going phenomenally.
This week, we will have an exchange with the YSA elders. I am looking forward to seeing their progress and learning from them.
I’ve got a great calling and assignment, I couldn’t ask for anything more.
My spiritual progression has increased as well as I put the Book of Mormon as a priority in my own life. It really does work. Something that I’ve been working on is having more sincere prayers, and when I do, I can literally see the difference.
The Steed family and Tobias families are doing great and are both progressing along well.
I love you all