Enjoy More Fully the Sunlight

Hey Everyone,
Last week, we had a very spiritual zone conference with a lot of good trainings and preparations. The part that I took away the most from was when we were discussing lesson plans. Elder Denton and I have been able to teach together and see great results in committing our investigators to repent.
I went on exchanges with Elder Gilman and Weber. It was really fun to be with those Elders. Elder Weber is 27. He was a great example of dedication and sincerity.
Elder Denton has been one of my favorite companions so far. We are working hard and having fun. I couldn’t ask for anything more. One goal I set this past week was to stop complaining. I tend to whine or complain about little things, but in reality, I have nothing to complain about! I have the dream situation as a missionary.  I am continuing to progress every day. I need to take President Hinckley’s advice and stop seeking out the storms of life and enjoy more fully the sunlight,  peaceful times and blessings.
Thanks for everything,

First week in Soda Springs, Idaho

Hey Everyone,

My first week in Soda Springs went well. First of all, our companionship is doing great. Elder Denton is from Texas. I’ve known him for the last 18 months. He is going home in six week.  We are the oldest companions in our mission. We get along really well.  We teach in unity very well as well. Both of us like to work hard, which is a good thing. We are starting to see some results from our labors. Right now, we have three people preparing for baptism. Our efforts are being blessed plus there is a lot more potential in this area.
We fasted for Ben, one of our investigators that he can have the strength to quit smoking. We are working closely with him. With the Lord’s help he will be able to quit.
I hope that everyone has a great week

Adios Blackfoot! I’m Off to Soda Springs