A Dream Situation

Hey Everyone,
The work here is going so well. We have found another person that wants to get baptized.  This has been so busy. I love this area. I feel a deep and special connection with all of my investigators. I have never related so well with my investigators as I have in this area. When you combine my connections with Elder Denton’s skills in utilizing the members it become a dream situation. I am happy the ward is welcoming our investigators.
I’d like to share a story this week which demonstrates our ability to reach and connect with our investigators. We go and teach this man named Mike on Saturday. He has come to church twice before this visit. It was always because we committed him to do it, more like an obligation rather than desire. Elder Denton and I were talking about the lesson before hand in the car. The last couple of times, it seemed like we were teaching lessons not teaching him. We both agreed that we didn’t really know too well. So we spent the first half hour getting to know him. He soon revealed his concerns and we able to teach accordingly. We left him with a commitment to read and pray about the Book of Mormon daily, which he gladly accepted. Then we extended a church invite, instead of commitment. He was there early the next morning. We are going to  teach him more often. The members invited him to a service project, which he said he would love to go to. It is a huge blessing.
I hope everyone has a great week!


Total Eclipse & Hard Work

Hey Everyone,
This past week flew by. I cant believe how fast the time of my mission is running out. Elder Denton and I are using the time we have left to the fullest.
This week, I went on exchanges with both Elder Kanahele and Elder Curtis. They both helped me learn more about showing sincerity and concern for the people that surround us. That has been one of the things that I am working on. They are both great examples of this. 
We saw four investigators make it to church yesterday. It was nice to see the ward receive them and welcome them. 
The work is going really well. To give you an idea, we have on average 6 lessons set every day, and one day last week we had 12 appointments set up! It is crazy busy here. The Tobias’, Becksteads, Prices, and Steeds are preparing for their baptism in September.  We have a lot more potential investigators in works. This is the busiest I have been on my mission since my first area  (Ashton & Island Park). The Lord is certainly preparing a lot of people. 
We hiked up the side of a mountain to see the eclipse today. It took about an hour and a half. The eclipse was an incredible experience. It was phenomenal! At the top, we found a road. We  followed it till we found some hikers (who happened to also be mormons). They offered to take us down in polaris razors!  It turned out to be a really fun trip
Thanks a lot for the prayers and support. 

Enjoy More Fully the Sunlight

Hey Everyone,
Last week, we had a very spiritual zone conference with a lot of good trainings and preparations. The part that I took away the most from was when we were discussing lesson plans. Elder Denton and I have been able to teach together and see great results in committing our investigators to repent.
I went on exchanges with Elder Gilman and Weber. It was really fun to be with those Elders. Elder Weber is 27. He was a great example of dedication and sincerity.
Elder Denton has been one of my favorite companions so far. We are working hard and having fun. I couldn’t ask for anything more. One goal I set this past week was to stop complaining. I tend to whine or complain about little things, but in reality, I have nothing to complain about! I have the dream situation as a missionary.  I am continuing to progress every day. I need to take President Hinckley’s advice and stop seeking out the storms of life and enjoy more fully the sunlight,  peaceful times and blessings.
Thanks for everything,

First week in Soda Springs, Idaho

Hey Everyone,

My first week in Soda Springs went well. First of all, our companionship is doing great. Elder Denton is from Texas. I’ve known him for the last 18 months. He is going home in six week.  We are the oldest companions in our mission. We get along really well.  We teach in unity very well as well. Both of us like to work hard, which is a good thing. We are starting to see some results from our labors. Right now, we have three people preparing for baptism. Our efforts are being blessed plus there is a lot more potential in this area.
We fasted for Ben, one of our investigators that he can have the strength to quit smoking. We are working closely with him. With the Lord’s help he will be able to quit.
I hope that everyone has a great week

Adios Blackfoot! I’m Off to Soda Springs