Our focus

Hey Everyone,

This has been a good week. We were able to find a couple of new people to teach. We are starting to get to know some new people. There are tons of Hispanics here and we are finding a lot more to teach.

Our focus is to find new people who the Lord has prepared for us. I know they are out there. I really want to find them; get to know them and love and teach them.

Thank you all for your support. There is a lot that is in store for this area. Please continue to pray that we may be diligent in our work and that we will have success with those we find.





Easter Sunday

Hey Everyone,

What a great week this week. Easter Sunday is the perfect opportunity to go out and teach about Christ. We were able to teach a lot of people this last week.  Sadly no one came to church, however, we were able to go and visit a lot of people yesterday. I love the people that we are teaching. Yesterday, Osmar, the Peruvian we have visiting, had us over for some Peruvian sea-food. To be honest,  I wasn’t a huge fan but it was pretty good. The octopus was creepin me out a little, but it all went to the same place right?
We are really trying to find some new people who God might be touching. We are really searching hard, but not finding many. We are having success with helping the people we are already know, but we would like to find a lot more. Please pray to help us be guided to find these yearning souls.
All is going great, I really enjoy where i am at right now. It is a good place to progress and receive the guidance that I need.
I love you all!

Osmar and CTR

Hey Everyone,

We saw a lot of cool things happen this week. We had a zone conference last week in Pocatello. I really miss Pocatello. I just love the city, people, and everything about that place. I am really grateful that I was able to serve half of my mission in Pocatello.
Yesterday our investigator, Osmar Ramirez, (the new man from Peru) came to church. He really like it. I think that he was touched by the powerful testimonies born by the members. He is doing great, and he is going to cook us some peruvian seafood this week. I am super excited for his cooking.
I really love my mission. It is so hard to keep everything on the top of my mind though. Worldly desires or passions seem to override the eternal perspective. Moments of temptations leave us two options, sin or do justly. May we all have the strength to do whats right. I always try to choose the right.
I love you all!

General Conference and Blessings in Blackfoot

Hey Everyone,


This has been a great week. Conference left me with a feeling of hope and gratitude for the future of this area where we are called to serve. The Lord is truly preparing the hearts of His children here. I am very excited to hear about the new temple! It is an awesome opportunity to plant seeds in the hearts of those who will one day have the blessings of that new temple in Pocatello. I can’t wait to find some of these people who are waiting for the chance to hear the truth.


We had a very successful week.  We had two of our investigators watch conference. They both really enjoyed it.  There is certainly opposition at work. Last night, as we were reviewing what the Flores family learned from conference, we were about to talk about baptism. All of a sudden their dogs broke loose. We spent the next hour chasing them around down town Blackfoot. I finally caught up to the last one still loose, caught her, and carried her the mile back to the house. By the time we got back, it was past 9. We were going to teach a short lesson, and commit them to another appointment.  As we started teaching again, her sister came in with her son. They just got from the hospital. She requested a blessing for her son. Then we had to explain what the blessing was to the non-members present, what it signified, and how it works etc. It was a very spiritual experience. We blessed the baby with a complete recovery. By the time we finished the blessing and that side lesson on blessings, it was past 9:30 pm. Then he brought up baptism on his own. When we left them, they committed to read from the Book of Mormon and we set up a return appointment. What a night!


I had another experience with the gift of tongues as well! We were teaching, and the vocabulary was given me to explain symbolism of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in Gethsemane, and how it applied to the Ayala family. We knew it was heaven-sent because of the Spirit that was with us. They both began to cry, and they just keep getting closer and closer to entering into the waters of baptism.


From conference, I really appreciated the talk given by Robert D. Hales on the Christ like attributes found in 2 Peter chapter 1. It was very profound, the way that he described of acquiring them. Also, I learned a lot from Elder Grow’s talk on coming to know Our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. They were probably my favorite talks of the conference.


If there is anything you need me to do, please let me know.





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