Staying in Blackfoot & awesome investigators

Hey Everyone,
Well we got transfer calls this past week. Elder Reeve and I will be staying, and Elder Samyn is going to American Falls. I’m sad to see him go. 
I love this past week. I went on exchanges with Elder Young, and it went really well. We got to see some of the people that I was teaching a while ago in Pingree. It was really good to see them again. I will always remember the people that I have taught and come to love here in my mission. 
We taught Osmar, the Peruvian, again. He was really excited about coming to church when we taught him about the Sabbath Day, but then he canceled on Saturday night. He and his wife had to go out of town. 
We also were able to teach the Silva family again for the first time in over a week. She was the one that was very excited when we talked about eternal families and temples. We taught them about how the restoration of the priesthood makes all of this possible, and she said that she really wants to come to church this next week! They also committed to read over the restoration pamphlet and pray about it. They were a great find!
One last family had a really cool miracle this week with the Flores family (the first door that we knocked when we came here). This whole time we have been taking it a little bit slower with them, because we know that he did not like the missionaries in the past. So we built a desire starting with our beliefs in Christ, and then when they came to fast and testimony meeting. They were touched by everyone’s personal testimonies about the Savior. Then we finally had the chance to teach them the Restoration last week, and now the doors are wide open! The nonmember boyfriend, who last year never would have ever thought about even going to church, has made a complete turn around. After the message of the restoration, they were talking about how they believe that there should still be living prophets and apostles. When we told them about the upcoming conference, they were thrilled! We each testified about how we have come to conference in the past, prepared with a question in mind, and seeking the answer with faith through the words of the Lord’s anointed, and receiving it through one way or another. They really liked the concept. Then our investigator said, “Maybe if I come to conference with the question in mind of if I should join the church, then it will be answered?” We assured him that it would be. Can you believe that? We never even had to bring it up! It was a great lesson! They came yesterday and enjoyed my talk on the Plan of Salvation. Everything is coming together here!
There are a lot of good things happening here. I really love this area. My Spanish is still improving too! I still have a lot of work to do though.
I have learned a lot this transfer. I need to focus more on what the Lord expects of me. If my actions prohibit me from doing that, then there is a necessary change that needs to take place. Also, I have learned that I cannot expect the absolute best from everyone all of the time. The Lord seems to be awfully patient with me, so why should I do not the same? “For behold, the same that judgeth rashly shall be judged rashly again; for according to his works shall his wages be; therefore, he that smiteth shall be smitten again, of the Lord” (Mormon 8:19).

I’m living the dream; helping the people the Lord has put in my path & miracles all around

Hey Everyone,
This has been a great week. We saw a lot of miracles, and I mean a lot. It is easy to see them when you are looking for them even recognizing the tiny ones too. Here are some really cool ones:
We go over to our investigators house on Wednesday.  It has been a week since we have seen them (The Ayala’s) because Frederico has been sick for the last week. We go to visit on Wednesday. He is even worse. He is very sick. We teach him about blessings and the power of the restored priesthood. We ask him “Do you have the faith to be healed?” They both respond with yes. We give him a blessing an set a return appointment on Friday. We return on Friday; he is completely healed! But now, his wife is incredibly sick. She feels so bad she was thinking about going to the hospital. We ask the same question and get the same reply. We give her a blessing and set up another appointment for Sunday night. On Sunday we visit them and she is completely healed. This opened the door for us to help them understand that there was an apostasy from when Christ gave his apostles this healing power (Matt 10:1, James 5:14-15), until now when it has been restored. Me and companions hold the priesthood.  I asked him if he would like to be able to bless his family in similar situations.  He responded that he really would like to. We affirmed to him that he can one day by entering into the waters of baptism by this same authority. Then we invited them both, and they both declined. I could not believe it.  The Spirit was very strong; I can never deny what was there with us. We then talked about the temple, and how baptism is a step to get there. He then prayed and asked God if this is the path for him. I hope that his intentions and sincerity is real. The member that came with us said that they are coming a lot further than when he went to visit them the year before. Our Branch President is coming with us tomorrow night to teach them. It should be a good lesson. 
We also found a man who just moved up here from Peru. He has never heard of the Book of Mormon before, and in between our visits, he read 13 pages.  He said he felt the Spirit as he was reading, and as we taught the Restoration. We are inviting him to be baptized tonight. 
My life is great! I’m living the dream right now: Helping the people the Lord has put in my path.
Transfers are this week, so we will see what happens

Time is flying by

Hey Everyone,
This has been another good week of proselyting. Time is honestly flying by. I cannot believe how fast this transfer is going. It is crazy. We only have a few weeks in the transfer, and it seems like just yesterday we got here.
I am still left amazed with the experience that the restored gospel enables us to have each week. Every Sabbath day, we go a place dedicated in these last days to worship and remember our Savior, and renew the promises that we have made in his name. I am so grateful for this gift that we have.
I have been continuing to get better with my patience and charity. I have seen myself able to restrain from natural instincts to blame or judge. As a result the Spirit leaves stronger impressions with whom I teach and with me.
I really love my companions. They are both excellent representatives of Jesus Christ. I couldn’t ask for anything more than what they have to offer. As I think about the ways they have helped me, I feel the love that our Father in Heaven has for them. Its kind of amazing how that works. God softens our heart by letting us feel a fraction of His love for the people with whom we serve. I have most powerfully felt these feelings of the Spirit when I minister to my fellow man, particularly through anointing the sick and afflicted. It is something I have grown to desire, and something that I can never deny. I know that He truly is there watching out for all of us. and I have felt this love that He has for us.
Thank you for all of the support and love

Two great families & a lot of potenial

Hey Everyone,

This has been a really successful week. We were able to find a few more people to teach and we found some great potential as well. There are a lot of great people here. We are finding a lot of success in helping them come closer to our Savior. We are working with two great families that I want to tell you about:

The Flores family that we began teaching are doing great. We taught them on Tuesday about Jesus Christ and how he is always stretching out his hand towards us (her being less active and thinks it might be too late). It not only caught her attention, but her non-member husband really liked our lesson. At the end, he asked us the following question, “How has Jesus Christ affected your life?” It gave all three of us a perfect opportunity to testify sincerely to his sincere question. The Spirit was overwhelming, so much that they committed to a church tour the next day. We took them on the tour. They really liked it. They revealed to us then that they started reading the Book of Mormon after our first lesson (without us even committing them to do so) and then they committed to come to church.After the tour, they asked us if we could bless their home. It was a really spiritual experience as well. Then on Sunday, they went to church.  We will continue teaching them tomorrow night.

One more family: The Ayala family. Their cousin Jose was baptized in December. The other Elders began teaching them when they were here. We started teaching them where they left off. They are really excited to go to the open house here in a few weeks. We taught them last night about the sealing ordinance and marriage covenant, as well as the baptismal covenant. They are progressing, but don’t quite understand the apostasy quite yet. I am looking forward to them feeding us and us teaching them on Friday!

Love and miss you all!