Miracles at Work in Blackfoot

Hey everyone,
This has been another great week! We have still had to do a lot of administration, to get to know the local leaders, and branch members, but also, the ministry has been great. The Lord is so clearly preparing a lot of families for us to teach. I would like to tell you about two particular families: The Sanchez family – We met them last week, and the missionaries have been teaching them for some time. In the past, they haven’t shown many signs of progression. Now,  the Lord has them in a really good spot to hear our message. The mother is a single mom of three kids.  Her oldest son, Diego, has a girlfriend and a son. Maria, the girlfriend is expecting another child(one of the signs that Thomas S. Monson gave to show that the Lord is preparing people). Diego also lost his job recently (another sign that they are being prepared from Thomas S. Monson). Luis, 11, there younger brother was going to get baptized in the past. He didn’t have any support from any of his family. It was hard on him to go to church alone. Now, Diego and Maria want to get married and they both want to start going to churchWe will begin teaching them the discussions this week. I remember teaching them on exchanges when I was here in Blackfoot before. The mother didn’t really like the missionaries that much (she is a strong catholic). I made sure to be extra polite and kind to her. You can see the difference. She feeds us food every time we come. She is even listening in on our lessons now too. I have high hopes for this family. 
Also, their neighbor, the Padilla family, are less active. I believe that the Lord prepared them specifically for us. He told us yesterday that when we came the first time over to his house, a strong desire was burning in his heart. He says the way we taught was different from the last missionaries that stopped by. Also, his daughter commented that she felt judged from the last missionaries that came. It is sort of sad that even missionaries can’t maintain a Christlike countenance in situations like these. I guess we all have our weaknesses. Anyway, the family really wants to come back to church now.  I can feel God’s love for them, as he blessed us with the ability to teach by the Spirit. It was a great lesson yesterday.
Oh yeah, one more good thing happened this past week. That family that I told you about last Monday, the one with the sister who wanted to get sealed in the temple (to her non-member husband), and follow the example of her active, sealed older sister. Anyway, we met them, the Flores family. We are going to begin the lessons tomorrow night. There are a lot of things happening right now.
Elder Reeve and Samyn are both doing really well. They are great companions to have, however, they are both really struggling with Spanish. We moved our language study time up to an hour and a half (like we talked about at zone conference).  It is helping a lot. We also are now practicing simple Spanish sentence structuring in the car. I would speak only Spanish with them, but I don’t think that they are quite at the point to do that yet. It is all going really well though. 
I have been doing a lot better with charity, virtue, and love. I have really been trying to take the counsel from the Savior and focus on the two greatest commandments, love for God and for my fellow man. It seems to help everything else when I can always be ministering to my fellow man here, both patience with my companions, and pure love of Christ with the people we will teach. I have seen quite the difference. 
Love and miss all of you!

Blackfoot Miracles

Hey Everyone,

This has been a great week! Already in our new area, we have seen several miracles. In Preach My Gospel (PMG) it states to help members to set dates  when they want to invite there friends into their home to receive the message of the Restoration. Well, this is the first time I’ve done it in my mission (actually setting a date with them). After practicing it in district meeting, and applying it in our area, we are seeing tons of new potential and a lot of really good prospects. One in particular is a woman that we found. She invited us back for lunch. As it turns out,  she is active member and sealed in the temple to a returned missionary, however, she goes to the English ward with her husband. At the end of the lunch, we tried our new approach,  it turns out she has a less active sister who wants to get married in the temple like her, but her husband is a non member catholic. They both want to start going to church together.  We will begin teaching them in the active sister’s house this week. Imagine if we followed ALL of the counsel that the brethren give us…
Don’t have a lot of time today, but that is what we did.
Love y’all,

Transfer Time

Dear Everyone,

Thank you all for your support and letters, I really appreciate it. This last week has been awesome.  We found a few more people that are ready to receive the gospel. Currently, we have 4 that are preparing for baptism.  The bad news is that I am getting transferred. I won’t be able to see them get baptized. Also, the Willis family will be blessing their kids Wednesday night. I leave Wednesday morning. I’m sad to miss out but it’s ok.  There is a lot of potential in the new area where I will be serving. I am going back to Blackfoot.  Not the same area, but this time I will any be in  Spanish.  Im really excited for this opportunity. I  will be joined by Elders Reeve and Saiman. We will be trio-white-washing. That means all three of us will go there on Wednesday  coming from a different areas. They have been out a combined 10 months or so, and I’m not to sure about their Spanish skills, but it will be really fun. Elder Ramirez is in our district again. For the first time in over 10 months, we are in the same district again. I am really pumped for that.
Thank you for all the support and love, but I will not be sending out individual emails today, the Family History Center is closed. I need to share the stake office computer,with three other missionaries. I hope you have a wonderful week.

A baptism

This week was wonderful for us. We had two of our investigators get baptized, Tia and Aleah Hill. It was a wonderful experience. They had tons of family come in from out of town and they had their Uncle baptize and confirm them. They also had a ton of ward support. It was really emotional for the ward and especially for the family. Elder Boatright and I have felt this a great privilege to be a part of these Sisters lives. We been blessed with some great opportunities to teach this week. We have been teaching a man and his family for the last couple of weeks, the Bates family.  He is looking to get baptized on the 18th of February. The first time we taught him about the Gospel a few weeks ago he really opened up. He felt like what we were saying was true. We invited him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon this last week and he did. One night, he had an incredible experience. He told us that the night after we had taught them he prayed for answers and guidance before he went to sleep. When he fell asleep he saw a vision. He said that it was different than anything he had ever experienced. He talked about a scene where he was on a busy city street surrounded by people when a voice came to everyone three times. He described a lot of other things that reminded me much of what Lehi and the Nephites saw in the Book of Mormon. He hadn’t read any of those scriptures prior to the vision either. My companion and I were filled with the spirit as he spoke and his wife and him both agreed that it was God sent and they are very much set on him being baptized and sealed in the temple. We are so stoked. We have been blessed to be working with some wonderful people.

Thank you all for the support,