Star Valley Temple Dedication

Hey Everyone,

This has been another fast and cool week! Yesterday, we went to the Star Valley Temple Dedication. It was incredible. I enjoyed hearing from Elder Bednar. I was hoping that President Monson would be dedicating it, but Elder Bednar was awesome. Elder Bednar’s wife is from Star Valley, that was pretty cool.
Today we get to go down to Soda Springs for a fireside with the whole mission. It will be fun to see all of my old friends and buddies. Man, this week has been a lot of driving.  Reminds me of my first area,  3200 miles a month. The drive was beautiful. I haven’t been to Soda Springs since Elder Ramirez and I went for some baptism interviews that Elder Castorena was teaching. I really enjoyed seeing all of them.
We had a really good week with teaching. a bunch of our investigators came to our halloween party. One of the families that we are teaching is the Thomas family. They are reading the Book of Mormon at every dinner. The dad, who is less active, is really stepping it up. The mom and kids (non-members), are starting to get along with everyone. It is really starting to all come together.
I hope that everyone is doing really well this week. I have been great, but please continue keeping me in your prayers. As well as the people that we are teaching.


Hey Everyone,

This week has been awesome! We had some very interesting teaching experiences, that sort of ties into the message I want to share with you:
We found this new family on tuesday night. We taught them a lesson.  It was cool. They were receptive to us. They committed to another appt. on Saturday. When we get there everything seems to be alright. We start to teach about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Gospel. When this girl who is my age,  pulled out an anti-mormon lesson.  haha The first time this has happened in Blackfoot. Something like this would happen all the time in Poki, but not in Blackfoot. Anyway, she started pulling out the same ole techniques and scriptures trying to trip us up. We told her “well, what we are saying is that the catholics and the mormons claim the priesthood authority through the same person, Peter. We claim that it was lost through apostasy, and that it was restored again through the ordinance of the laying on of hands.” We then invited her to read the Book of Mormon and she politely declined. We left them with a good terms, hopefully, they wont be offended next time missionaries knock on the doors.
Then right after, we went and taught Francisco, who is a Pentecostal preacher. He went on and on about the Old Testament. Then we just introduced the Book of Mormon to him. We explained how it has accounts from both before and after Christ’s ministry. He accepted and told us he would read the Book of Mormon from the beginning.
The difference between the two was their intentions. It was clear to feel the difference in the spirit there. One really trying to discover something, and another trying to tear down faith.
I hope that you all have a good week. I hope you can try to have righteous intentions in all that you do. I know that if we can apply good judgement, we will never make a serious mistake.

I love all of you. Please pray for me and my companion,




Only Two in Blackfoot

Hey Everyone,

This has been another awesome week! As it turns out, we didn’t get another companion. Some elder went home. This means we have an even number of missionaries.  The elder that I was going to train is  in an english area with a trainer from Mexico. He should learn spanish with him. Then I may serve with him at some point. But for now, Elder Rodriguez and I will be here until the end of the transfer in 5 weeks.
Last night we taught that humble family from Mexico again. The branch president came with us. It was really awesome. We taught them how to pray and they said they read the Book of Mormon. I look forward to continue teaching them.
We ate dinner with a part member family last night. Man they know how to cook! We had carnitas. It was amazing!  They gave us a huge pile of leftovers to enjoy this evening.
It was a really fast week. Holy cow, I am just amazed with how fast the weeks go now a days. Its crazy that it has almost been 13 months since I left home.
Hope that everyone is alright, and happy!

Another Companion

Hey Everyone,

This week has been awesome. We got some news from the assistants, they called to tell me that starting on Wednesday, I will be getting another greeny.  I will be training two at a time.  I am happy to say, we will be staying in our area. I will be able to witness some of these guys enter the waters of baptism. I am excited!
We will now be part of the new Spanish District. It shouldn’t be too bad. This means all of the meetings will be in Spanish but it certainly more difficult than it was. My companions don’t speak Spanish very well.
We found a cool family last night from Mexico. Since everyone was working the harvest, we talked to their daughter during the week. (the whole universe revolves around the potato here, I swear). They even get out of school two weeks for the harvest. Anyway, so we visited with them last night. They were receptive to our message. We introduced them to the Book of Mormon. They seemed pretty excited about it. They promised that they will read it.
I hope that everything is going well for all of you. Have a good week!

We Found A Cat

Hey Everyone,

This week has been awesome. I hope that you all enjoyed General Conference as much as I did. It is always inspiring to hear from our leaders. I enjoyed all of the talks. I especially thought it was cool to see how they worked together to bring an overall cohesive message. The Lord inspires them in unique ways to give us the messages we need to hear.
We found a cat, and took him with us proselyting. He stayed in the car while we were with members. It was fun to have him but we couldn’t keep him so we found a good home from him yesterday.
We were able to teach Abel again (the guy I gave the tamales to). He said he feels the spirit when we come. He wants those blessings for his family.The bad news is that he goes back to Peru in 2 weeks. We will have to make sure the missionaries find him in Peru. He will definitely get baptized though.
Thank you all for your support, and I hope all is well.