Homemade Mexican Food

Hey Everyone,

We had another cool week!
We saw a family come to church for the first time in 3 and a half years! I have been working with them since i came to Pocatello, and it was really good to see them there yesterday! We were at there house the other day, and there was this little white stuffed animal. I thought it was  a shrimp, and I asked the little girl what it was. She flipped it over and said “pies pequenos… es un perro” haha It’s a dog! I thought you might enjoy that story!
We also made some homemade salsa with this family. It was so delicious!  I really should have been born in Mexico. I mean I love mexican food so much. I have completely acclimatized to the spiciness too, nothing is too hot anymore haha
Look at the homemade horchata, arroz con leche, and gorditas, with homemade salsa!
We have been coordinating with the stakes that we cover, and we are lucky to be having some sucess. There is so much potential in this area, it is definitely going to split next transfer.
Thank you all for your support, and I hope that you all have a good week.
Elder Allen

Staying in Pocatello

Hey Everyone,

This week was really awesome and a little sad. The sad news is that we pushed the date for Francisco back until next month. We felt like he was not really ready. We did have a really thorough 2 hour lesson with him Saturday. We are please with the new plan for him.
The really good news is that we found a new investigator on Monday. We were able to  then take  him on a tour of the church on Wednesday.  Best of all he will be getting baptized next month. It was a true miracle! He is so prepared and ready to receive the gospel.
Last week, I  went on exchanges with Elder Rush. It was fun and exciting. We had a cool experience were we were walking down the street. We saw some members from his ward outside. As always, they were outside.  Usually they only wave, but for some reason we decided to go and talk to them. It turns out that the man has dementia, and the his caregiver can’t leave him alone for too long. At first, when we asked if she needed anything, she said no, but we were persistent and the truth came out. She needed to leave and go and get some stuff done. She was praying that someone would come and help her. We were her answer to her prayer at the perfect time! That was a pretty cool experience. He (Elder Rush) goes home next transfer.  He will spend his left transfer in  American Falls. Elder Moyes is coming back from Star Valley and will be here with Elder Ramirez! I’m so excited, all three of us were here for 3 months, and now it’s almost like a reunion!
I’m staying in Pocetello with Elder Gobilard! I love this area.  I am excited about the work we are doing here.
Thank you all for everything that you have done. Take care and have a good week!

Another positive week & a couple of entertaining stories

Hey Everyone,

This week has been so fast! Holy cow, is it this fast for all of you as well?
We had some pretty cool experiences this last week, and some funny ones as well.
Yesterday, we went to an investigators house right before sacrament.  They told us they would come with us to church. When we went to leave, we discovered it was raining outside. When they opened the door, we said “we are gonna be late, let’s go!”  They stated “oh no, no, no, no,  we can’t go today. Its raining.”  I thought to myself, what the heck?! We asked to talk to his brother (they are both 57 and 59,  they look and talk the exact same). He came to the door and he said the exact same thing. It was quite comical.
Francisco couldn’t go because the storm scared away a bunch of cows or something, I’m not quite sure.  Some good news,  Arturo Canto finally went to church. It was a good Sunday. Francisco still seems to be on track, but your prayers wouldn’t hurt. I’ll let you know how it goes this week. We should have two baptisms in the same service. That hasn’t happened in the branch for a long time.
I love and miss all you guys! I hope everyone is ok, and have a good week!

Happy Fourth of July

Hey Everyone,

This week has really been a blessing. We did not teach as many lessons, but we had something really cool happen. We only taught one lesson with a member present this week, but it was a lunch at a members house, and he invited over our investigator to join us as well. We taught him, and set the first baptismal date since February. He will be getting baptized in 13 days. We are so excited! He has had like 10 dates in the past over the last 15 years, but we are feeling really solid about this one. We asked the councilor to announce it at church, to help him not to drop his date like in the past, but they forgot to announce it. It was really close to the end of the testimony meeting, and I was going to go bear my testimony and talk about it, but I was translating everything into English, so I couldn’t leave Elder Gobilard because he cannot really speak English, so I told him to go. So he went and bore his testimony and it was perfect. It was very powerful, and now everyone in the branch knows that Francisco will be getting baptized on the 17th. Everyone went up to him at church and congratulated him, so I’m pretty sure he wont back out now hahah.

This week was super fun, and went by pretty quick. I hope you enjoy the pics of the pit bull puppies, and the creepy Peruvian lady. The momma pitbull almost ripped my face off when i went to take a picture of them hahahahaha

Love and miss you,

Elder Allen