Transfer Time

Hey Everyone,

This week was really really cool. We found some new people to teach including a new family, and a lot of more less active work. We have been kept really busy these last couple of days, and it is because of our diligence in studies. These last couple of weeks, we have been slacking a little bit with our studies, and we kicked it back into gear these last couple of days. I have seen the blessings first hand. It really is amazing.
It is sad to say, that Elder Ramirez will be leaving me and going to Blackfoot on wed. It was a really fun, productive, and extremely fast 3 months! Elder Smith will be coming down from Rigby to be my new companion. He was in my last zone. He is a little quirky, but I am looking forward to it. He likes playing guitar, so we should get along fine.
Thanks for all of the support and encouragement!

More funny stories and sad news

Hey Everyone,

This week was really awesome, funny and sad.

Elder Castorena was sent down to work with English elders on friday in Garden City, UT. There are 3 hispanic families that are ready to recieve the Gospel, but no one to teach them. President told us in his house, “Elder, you have 8 weeks to baptize them, then I’m pulling you back up.” It was really sad to see him go because of how well the three of us got along.

We found some new people to teach as well, and we organized our area book, so I think this next week, we will see a lot of success!

I have one funny story:
We were going to see our recent convert Santiago Wed night at about 9-9:30pm when we see someone smoking pot on the corner of the street. hahaha classic Pocatello. We pulled over our white subaru which kind of looks like a cop car. We count down from tres, dos, uno, vamos! We get out of the car really fast, and this guy thinks we are the FBI and starts yelling and getting all defensive hahaha. We then tell him who we are, and he jsut starts talking about random crap like… “I moved OUT!!…. I died yesterday, and now I’s here smoking pot, I mean… what the hell is going on?” It was so funny. Just your typical “old town resident”.

Also, during language study, I tried to explain the different pronunciations of beach and a female dog, and sheet and slang for poop to Elder Castorena.

It was a really good week, and I hope you all had one as well!

Take care!




More people to teach and another great week

Hey Everyone,

This week has been so awesome! I cannot tell you all how great it is to have 2 native speaking companions. Wow, I really have learned a lot of Spanish, and the teaching has been really good too.

We had zone training this week, and our companionship was picked to do the 15min practice lesson. We did a really good job, and it was so fun to see all of my friends from the old zone/district again.

We found some new people to teach last night. We are really excited for this upcoming week. A lot of new people and service projects coming up!

I wish i could send videos , but it has been really really fun. Elder Castorena has a guitar that he brought, and it is nice to play it a little once and a while, but sometimes it is a distraction. Today,  Elder Castorena wrote a song the other morning called “La Reina” or the queen hahahaha. That was during personal study, probably not the best use of time. 

Apparently Sister Crandall’s daughter knows Marilla and Valora in Kaysville. Small world, I think there is a pic on Facebook. Also, Sister Crandall is a seamstress and is making some of my fat ties skinny for me hahaha. She’s the best. 

I cant wait to read all of your emails, and thanks for all of the support!




General Conference and finding peace in the Savior

Hey everyone,

This week has been really fun and exciting. A lot of good experiences and changes. First off, an elder that came out with me is going home because of his back, so his companion is coming to be in a trio with Elder Ramirez and I! He is also fluent in both English and Spanish, and his name is Elder Castorena. He will be joining us tonight after president brings him down from Rexburg.
Elder Ramirez and I went hiking this morning! We hiked this giant mountain in a little more than an hour! We also started a veggies only diet for the next three days. It is gonna be so hard, but definitely worth it!
I really enjoyed conference this weekend, especially the talk about how we can bring peace by remembrance by the Savior by one of the presidency of the seventy, Elder Wong, I think.
It was a great week, and I know there are great moments to come!