New Glasses and a quick funny story

Hey Everyone,

This has been another awesome week! A lot of new changes for me and my companion, and a few more funny stories!

First off, I now wear glasses, didn’t see that one coming, but according to the doctor, I’m legally blind hahaha  I have 20/20 with these new bad boys though.

I have a quick funny story. My companion and I  were tracting looking for Hispanics in a place called Casa Del Rio. We thought there would be Hispanics because of the name, but it turns out there are only stoners hahahha. We knock on this one door, and this less active guy scared the living junk out of us! He was in a motorcycle accident and the left side of his face was caved in. It may be kind of mean, but he sort of reminded me of a goblin from Lord of the Rings. Anyway, we fulfilled our purpose there and he progressed a little bit and read his patriarchal blessing. I am never going to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, I can tell you that for sure hahahha.

One spiritual thing that happened,  one day when we were driving by some houses, I got the feeling to get out and tract. It was raining a little so i just ignored it and we drove to the less actives house. He wasn’t there. As we were  walking off his porch, I got the same feeling to go back and knock doors in that area that we drove past. So we pushed back our appointment and went there. On the way there, I was thinking what house to knock on, and I didn’t know. Then my companion asked me that same question, and I didn’t know. Then as clear as day, a house with a white fence came to mind. We parked a ways up from the house and then another thought came to mind.  These werent hispanics, but they knew some. Well, that is exactly what happened. They weren’t even members, but they were nice, and directed us to the only hispanics in the area. We are going to start teaching them this week!

This was a cool and fun week as always. I love and miss you all, and am grateful for your support!


Elder Allen



Another great week & new goals

Hey Everyone,

This has been another really really good week. We found a couple more people to teach, and we are really excited about what the stakes are doing to get us some more work. THey are using computers to find Hispanics! Ill provide more information later on when it starts to come together more.

My companion and I set some new goals health wise. They are pretty awesome with brutal punishment if we break them. I wish that I could send the videos, but it exceeds the file size hahahha, all i can say is that the punishment had to do with mayonnaise and that we both were found guilty after only 2 days hahahah.

I am truly grateful for my calling and all of you that support me. I appreciate everything that you all have done, and really look forward to reading all of your emails each week.


Elder Allendrewmish2drewmish4drewmish5drewmish1drewmish3

Learning more Spanish & an interesting week

Hey Everyone,

This week was so awesome! I have been learning a lot more Spanish and thanks to everyone for the emails and packages!

I have a couple really funny stories this week:

We were driving in the Fort Hall Indian Reservation one night after a lesson and it is late around 9:30. Given, Fort Hall is a really sketch place with no laws or regulations whatsoever.  We are driving pretty fast. There is a bunch of fog  with a sharp turn, so we slow down a bit. Then, out of nowhere the spirit was like it was drained from the car. We both stop talking and look at each other, and didn’t say a word. Then our headlights shine on something that had its leg caught in a barbwire fence. We didn’t stop until we got to the stop sign 20 ft later. We look back and see the thing, then we slowly turn our heads and look at the street sign… it says “CEMETERY St.” We both started screaming and sped off at about 90 mph hahahaha!

Last Saturday night after Stake Conference,  we were driving home  when we pass a strange looking guy on a bridge on a random road. Elder Ramirez tells me that he feels we should stop and talk to him. We stop up ahead and wait for him. He is wearing a backpack and has a hoodie on and is walking really fast. I can imagine it looked weird to him when two guys wearing suits got out of the car and started asking him questions, but his response was bizarre. He just yelled at us, “GO AWAY…. GET AWAY FROM ME!” and he starts running away. Elder Ramirez yells “YOU NEED HELP MAN” and he just keeps running. We get in the car and drive after him, and roll down the window and say “We are the missio…” and he cuts us off and yells in a really deep scary voice “GET AWAY FROM ME! IM CALLING THE COPS!” So we just screech the tires and kick it out of there. Hahaha

Last night after we finished a lesson with Armando Salas,  we went over to the elderly Ramirez’s small little house to give them the sacrament around 8:45 pm. They are probably each close to five times my age, and they do not go to church simply because they are too old. They both speak only Spanish. Anyway, we are giving them the sacrament and the spirit was so very strong with their willingness to have us in their house, and gratitude to partake of the Sacrament. They each have the monster-sized scriptures out on a study desk with all other sorts of study materials. Those two are truly the Lords saints. Anyway, after we were leaving, she tried to give us money. I tried to run away but she grabbed me and put it in my pocket. We later looked at how much it was, and she gave us each $20 dollars. I am amazed at her faithfulness and admire them.

It was a fun and spiritual week. I hope that all of you are doing ok and have a good week. Anyway, thanks for everything!


Elder Allen


Another 6 weeks in the Pocatello Spanish Branch & Casa del Diablo

Hey Everyone,

This has been an awesome week in Pocatello! First off, I was informed that Elder Ramirez and I am here for another 6 weeks at least! We are really excited! There is so much potential, and we are probably the best companionship in the mission. We have not even gotten in a single argument. It is the best and we work really well together.

My ankle is starting to heal up finally and I am playing sports again. I can finally cut down all of that mexican food that I have been eating hahaha.

We had an interesting experience where my companion was kissed by a drunk man in a place called casa del diablo (house of the devil) hahaha I have heard some crazier stories about that place, almost always involving drugs, alcohol, and criminals ha-ha. This place is so crazy!

The branch does a linger longer every fast Sunday and the food is so freaking awesome! I really should have been born in Mexico; I love mexican food so much.

We have been playing basketball and soccer with investigators almost every day here. It is so awesome! Pocatello is my safe haven.

I went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week, and that was a blast! I went with Elder Anderson from Mesa, and he knew the Larsens out there. Small world huh. It is kind of sad, because he was trained in Spanish, and then went in English work for 15 months, and now is back as a the ZL for the Spanish Zone. We had a really fun time trying to communicate with Spanish only people hahaha.

It is crazy that it has already been over 5 months. Almost a quarter of my mission is gone already. Wow…

I love and miss all of you guys, and wish you all the best,


PS- Please keep Santiago (the man who was recently baptized) in your prayers, he has been struggling and needs some help.

the spanish zone 2016
the spanish zone March 2016


Elder Allen & Elder Ramirez

Pocatello Spanish Branch

Hey everyone,

This has been an awesome week!

I keep learning more and more Spanish every day. I truly am grateful to be in this wonderful area with such an awesome branch! They are so freaking funny. Spanish humor is hilarious!

We have had some really good success here and hopefully we will continue to have success here for another transfer. It is crazy that this is the last week of the transfer. Time flies when you are having an awesome time!

I miss all of you and wish you all the best!


Elder Allen

PS- We could use prayers for our investigator Armando Salas. He is great and we found him while he was reading the bible at home! Pray that he will receive motivation to act. He has great faith in Christ, but he just wont come to church or any other things that we invite him to.

This picture is from the mission blog… the only picture with Elder Allen and his face is covered!