Merry Christmas!

We got to Skype with Elder Allen on Christmas, and it was so special. Look how handsome he is! He’s so grateful for all of your support, and feels so blessed to be in Idaho. The members out there are taking great care of him, and made sure he had a great Christmas.

2015 - Christmas Skype.png

Now on to the best part of Mondays!

Hey Everyone,

Christmas was great! We met a lot of new people and have had a lot more opportunities. I truly feel blessed to be serving in such a cool area. It is the biggest, coldest, and furthest north part in the mission, and I can never say that I have missed Arizona so much in my life!

Mike is doing great! He is taking us ice fishing on some lake in Montana on New Years Day! I am so pumped to finally fish again and to get some more fillets to eat.

All of the work here is really progressing and I feel sincerely blessed to be here and to serve our Church.

Please do not send any more candy. hahah I have so much, I just give all that I can away and am tempted by the rest. If you wish to truly help the cause, send me protein rich substances lol.

I love all of you and miss all of you so much!

Until next week,

Elder Allen

2015 - Christmas Zone Conference

And just for fun, Elder Allen didn’t realize that wool shrinks when it’s washed! Guess he learned that lesson the hard way!

12282015 - Wool Sweater


Becoming more Christlike


Hey Everyone,

This week has been great! We met a bunch of new people and had another baptism! This kid is something special. He just turned 18, and he will most likely serve a mission!

Other than that, our investigators are doing pretty well. The gospel really changes people and I have seen it in my own life, and especially in those I teach.

These past couple of weeks, I have been studying something a little bit differently. While I was teaching the baptismal covenant to Cody in Mosiah 18, I came to realize that there are a lot bigger parts to the gospel than I had originally thought. In verse 9, it says that we are to “mourn with those who mourn.” I had never really thought about the difference between mourning with others and comforting. But in Matthew 5 it says that those who mourn will be comforted. I also read in the Pearl of Great Price how Enoch and Noah mourned for those who will succumb to the floods.

Anyway, as I was studying mourning in “Mormon Doctrine” I looked and saw over 2 pages simply of references of Christlike attributes! I came to the conclusion that we need to focus on the simple doctrines of Christ and the Gospel like faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. With those 5 things, everything else is attained over time.

Well I miss you a lot and pray for you all every night.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful week!


Elder Allen

Daily Double!

Elder Allen sent this story to us today. He says it’s the funniest mission story yet. Enjoy!


So I don’t know really where to start, so I guess I will just do my best to tell this story about a man that we met.

So next door to one of our Ward Mission Leaders, there is this trailer, and he told us we should go meet him. So we do, he was a huge man with a beard like Brigham Young, and we set up a return appointment for the next day. (we should have set it up on Pday, because it is more of an activity than a lesson.)

Anyway so we get home that night and look in the area book, and we found his teaching record. Several missionaries had dropped him before, and one set said “go for mission stories, not baptisms.”

The next day he welcomes us in to his trailer, and immediately we are hit with one of the worst odors you could ever imagine. We tried to play it off and smile, but it was almost unbearable. It turns out that this man and his wife are extreme hoarders, and there were little pathways in between piles of junk that led from the kitchen to the bedroom/living room/vestibule. ahah.

We start talking to him and the first thing that he says to us is that “he would not be converted!” after giving us a little bit of his religious background he went immediately into his stories. It started off with a short 20 min story about how he has been the direct recipient of carbon monoxide poisoning for the last 20 years. He used a propane powered tile waxer inside a grocery story every night, and has been inhaling the fumes and how it effected his brain. He then went on to tell us about how the doctors couldn’t fathom how he was still alive because they had never seen such a severe case of carbon monoxide poisoning. He continued to tell us how he would not take any medicine that they would prescribe him, to save his life of course. Finally they convinced him to take this medication and he said it literally kept him awake for the next 2 weeks.

Then he told us how he had a gallbladder as big as his stomach that was filled with stones and such. He wouldn’t let them preform surgery! He is fine now. The doctors decided that this man was a marvel to modern medicine, so they had him come to the hospital and teach people how to mental fight pain. He then told us his technique, and it is literally too crazy to describe, like I don’t even know some of the English words that he used ahaha.

Right as I started to get used to the craziness/smell I had the living crap scared out of me. There were a couple of old mattresses leaning against the wall, and all of a sudden, the biggest house cat I have ever seen leaps from the rubble and lands on top of these mattresses. The thing was literally like 40 pounds, and as big as a cougar. It was sitting there staring at me for the rest of the lesson. 

The story continues, and he starts talking about conspiracy theories. I have never heard such weird things in my life. He drifted from the Kennedy Assassination, to what the aliens are up to on the dark side of the moon, and to my personally favorite, how Obama is rallying ISIS troops in Riery, ID for an attack of Idaho Falls, ID! This guy was complete nuts! Ohh yeah, and according to this guy every single democrat is a terrorist by the way. hahaha.

Anyway, we were in there for an hour listening to that guy, and we don’t really plan on returning.

I miss and love all of you guys,

Elder Allen


Baby it’s cold outside!


Hey Everyone,

This week has been really great but slow. On Friday, we drove up to WY and all three of our appointments canceled. So we ended up knocking doors for 3 hours and it was -5 outside. Yeah, it’s pretty cold here.

I did have my first baptism this week. The water was really low… below my knees, but it went well. He was so excited, and now we will have chances to teach the parents.


I have a baptism this week on Wed and Sat. They are pretty solid so I think they will both go through.

It is amazing how the gospel blesses people. Mike has almost quit smoking completely. He went from 30 cigarettes a day last week to like 2 a day this week. He is starting to tell people that he will be baptized on the 30th so he is as confident and has enough faith as we have.

I didn’t get transferred, but a couple of my good friends in the zone did. I still have some solid friends here, so it should be fun.

I really appreciate the scriptures and I encourage everyone to read Doctrine & Covenants 108:2-8. It is a really good standard and example of Jesus Christ.

I hope that everyone stays warmer than I am!


Elder Allen

More baptism dates set!


Hey Everyone,

This has been a really great week. We set an additional 2 baptismal dates and the family is incredible. I can see how the gospel is changing them because the father was an alcoholic and hasn’t drank in 3 weeks, since we started teaching them and gave them blessings. Our first baptism is on Saturday and the kid chose me to baptize him! I’m pretty excited.

I keep getting requests for some names to pray for, so here are all of our baptismal dates investigators:

  • Cody, 11 Nonmember parents
  • Charles, 9 Inactive parents
  • Jasmine, 9 Part Member Family
  • Corbin, 17 Inactive Parents
  • Mike, 30s Inactive Wife
  • Travis, 30s Nonmember
  • Juliann, 14 Nonmember
  • Tyler, 10 Inactive mother

They are all very great people and come from really tough situations so pray for them to have comfort overcoming their difficulties.

We went on exchanges this week and it was really fun. One of my really good friends, our district leader, Elder Jordan and I taught some really good lessons on Friday when we were on exchanges.

In personal study, I finished the Doctrine & Covenants and started the Pearl of Great Price this week and really love Enoch’s story. The Spirit is incredibly strong with him and everyone cannot deny the truth he speaks because of the power that was with him. I really wish to have this same power “unto the convincing of men of the truthfulness and mercy of the gospel.”

Thanks for everything and love all of you.

Elder Allen

Strengthening our testimonies and a ridiculous amount of pie

“A Thanksgiving miracle! A turkey was in our yard!”

Hey everyone,

This last week has been great. We had a couple really nice Thanksgiving meals and I had a ridiculous amount of pie. I did burn it all off though hopefully with my morning jump rope sesh in the cold and dark. Yeah, the sun rises at 7:30 and sets at 5:00, it’s cold all of the time.

“For those of you who know me really well, you will understand.”


We have two new people preparing to be baptized. Our teaching load is increasing every day. We get new referrals and meet more people every day. There is seriously a lot of work to be done here. I can’t describe how much I love watching people change. I saw a smoking addict change and he now reads over 5 chapters of the Book of Mormon with his family every night. I have no doubt that he will be able to quit by his baptismal date.

I don’t like to be prideful, but the last missionaries did not get much done here. The week before we came, they had 3 member present lessons and 1 other with no baptismal dates. We had over 19 lessons last week, 12 member presents, and 6 dates set! We really are grateful that the Lord has prepared these people for us.

It has been really fun, but we need to work harder and harder every week.

I encourage everyone to read 2 peter 1:4-8. I really like how it talks about adding to our strengths to strengthen our testimonies and let us speak with power. I can really feel the spirit especially when we testify. The last two nights we had the opportunity to testify to an atheist in WY and a part member family with the head who didn’t believe in the Book of Mormon. Our testimonies certainly made them think and wonder what they felt.

I hope that everyone has a great week!

Love and miss everyone!

Elder Allen

More pie.
“Idaho is cold and gorgeous”