Ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost

Elder Allen and his companion, Elder Peart, ate dinner with a nice family on Sunday night. She sent this picture of the boys! She said:

“Had dinner with your boys. Great guys. Thanks for sending them out. They say they love you. They spoke in stake conference today and bore beautiful testimonies. We are happy to share our friends with them.They are going to play lazer tag tomorrow for p day, then we might get them to come over to our Taxidermy shop and help us mount a life sized bison. We have two boys in our ward that they are teaching that have baptism dates set and they said they had another baptism commitment in the 3rd Ward! They are doing a great job and we have a lot of less active people that are in elders quorum and the high priest leaders have asked them to help us teach. We are excited to have them both serving in our ward now.”



Now on to Elder Allen’s anticipated letter:

Hey everyone,

I want to start off by thanking everyone for everything. All of the gifts and the prayers. I can feel the love from you every day.

I hope that everyone is doing alright. Especially Grandpa Allen and Papa. I know that you guys are having health problems and I keep you in my prayers.

I wanted to let everyone know that my best friend in high school, Evan, is getting baptized! Elder Ian Benson and I always tried to be an example to him and plant a seed whenever we could. This summer, we felt prompted to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon, and he made the decision to take the discussions at boot camp. I was so excited when the missionary in his boot camp area emailed me and told me he was getting baptized! I am so glad that we had that inspiration to give him a Book of Mormon, and it is a testament of how the little things in life that we are inspired to do have great effects. Imagine if he serves a mission and how many people he can help all because of that one night that we gave him a Book of Mormon.

This last week has been great. We have a lot of support from the members, and especially now seeing how we spoke in stake conference and did really well. We walked in the chapel, and we were on the program so we each spoke. It was so weird how I wasn’t nervous at all. We have 4 baptismal dates right now, and will likely have a lot more. There is a lot of work here, however seldom in Spanish. I use it sometimes each day, but not a lot in this area.

We are doing great up here. It’s hard to work out every morning, especially since a couple days ago, it was -20 the other morning. I haven’t missed a workout yet though.

I read this week in Romans 15:13. Truly an amazing scripture regarding hope.

I thank all of you for everything, and love all of you.

Elder Allen


First week in Idaho!


Hey everybody,

Well I am so glad to be out of Mexico. Idaho is so freaking amazing compared to Mexico.

My first area is Ashton. This is the most northern part of our mission and it covers Ashton ID, Island Park ID, and West Yellowstone MT. It truly is amazing. I can see the Tetons from my house even though they are 100 miles away. I can’t wait to go see them in person. Island Park is a really rich town, with a lot of tourists. I am speaking in their ward on the 13th and they have an average of 1,500 people attend from out of town every week. They use 35 sacrament trays! That should be fun speaking at general conference.

There is a lot of work to be done here. We cover 7 wards, and right now we have about 15 investigators that we are teaching that want to get baptized, as well as 30 less active people and their families. So our schedule is pretty jam packed.

My companion is Elder Peart from Lexington VA! It is really fun working with him and we get along great. He knows a lot and he has been teaching me a lot.

I love the weather up here, and it is sweet because we get a Nissan frontier just like Raymond’s up here in the snowy part. It is supposed to snow all week this week, so we are pretty excited. We might get snowmobiles in west Yellowstone because we wont be able to access all of the work with just a truck, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

Since our areas are so far apart, we have three houses. One in each city. The one in Island Park is really nice and it has queen-sized beds.


It seems like everyone that I meet up here is a fly fisherman. I can’t wait to go out with some of the locals and catch some monster trout. It is like torture driving by all of these rivers.

I really have seen miracles so far here. One day in comp study, we were talking how we want to learn more about revelation, and that night, we tracted into a stake patriarch. Truly is amazing.

I read in 2 Nephi 7:4,5,8. I really like these verses and I’m grateful for everything I’ve been given and will receive.

Thanks for everything from everyone,


Elder Allen

Happy Birthday Elder Allen!


Elder Allen turns the big 1-9 today! Whoo hoo!!! He gets to celebrate in Ashton, Idaho where he will be serving for the next little while.

Elder Allen left the Mexico City MTC early Tuesday morning and made it safely to Pocatello, Idaho late Tuesday night. He had a layover in SLC, and we just couldn’t resist an opportunity to see him!


We got to hear him speak Spanish (it sounds great!), and he even taught us one of the first lessons he’ll teach someone who’s investigating the Church. He taught about the process of finding Faith, and shared the story of the Vision of the Tree of Life found in 1 Nephi 11: 1-6.

timjesdrew _MG_6570

We might not have been able to celebrate with him, but he has a pretty cool Aunt and Uncle up in Idaho Falls who ~kinda~ could! Elder Allen had a training session in Idaho Falls today, so Richard and Amber (and their cute kiddos) were able to drop off a cake! Thanks Amber and Richard for making his day special!!

photo 1 (1)

We sure do miss our missionary, but we’re so proud of what he is doing!

Last week in the MTC!

Hey everyone,

These last couple weeks have gone by really fast. It sucks that some of my best friends from our zone left last week, but we still stay in touch. It’s crazy how fast this 6 weeks has gone by. I cant wait to get back to the states and eat some normal food.

I finished the Book Of Mormon this week and it only took me 3 weeks and 3 days. It’s crazy how much I can read here and will continue to read out in the field. I started Doctrines and Covenants this morning.

My Spanish only gets better every day, and I really understand pretty much everything anyone says to me. Gift of Tongues.

Not much has changed since we do the same thing every day here, but I will keep everyone posted once I get in the field.



Elder Allen