Can reading cause blindness?


Hey everybody,

The time has really flown by. It is crazy that I have like 8 days of class left. Pday and Sabbath really are a delight to me.

I cannot explain enough how much I love personal study. I get read scriptures for atleast an hour everyday. I am currently in Helaman 9, and only have like 140 pages left in the Book of Mormon. It’s crazy that little habits like this can let me read the Book of Mormon in about 3 weeks. I’ve never enjoyed the scriptures this much in my life, and I plan on reading them all before the end of my mission. I might go blind.

The food seems to get worse every day, and as a result of my daily ab workout and diet, I have lost 17 pounds. I have never been in such good shape in my life.

This week, I found one of my new favorite scriptures Alma 37:37. It reminds me so much of my patriarchal blessing and shows me how I have changed in my life because of the daily habits I formed after my patriarchal blessing, and at BYU, and especially here at the MTC.

I hope everyone is doing alright, and may God’s holy spirit be with you,


Elder Allen


1st MTC Haircut and Ugly Ties


The MTC has been great. I am learning Spanish so fast, and I have gotten to where I do not need a lesson plan with phrases written out, but I can speak from the heart and truly help these inactive members of the church with what they need.

I have been having problems with my district not being able to let go of their past, and focus on our current work for the next two years. It is hard seeing people doing and saying things that I used to in high school and how they have not let go of their pasts and change for the good. Other than that, my district has been doing very well and I have made a lot of new friends.

Just about every other night, our zone has a tie draft. You bring a tie, and draw a number out of a bag, and whatever number you get is the order that you pick a tie from the table. It is really funny when someone gets screwed and has to where a super ugly tie the next day. I never bring a good tie to the draft, just to make the game more fun.

I am currently in Alma 7, it is crazy how I can read 200 pages of the Book of Mormon in under a week. I really love and now look forward to daily scripture study.

It is crazy how fast time flies by. I am already half way done with the MTC, and all of my friends from the zone leave on Monday.

I have lost 15 pounds, but I can’t wait to get back to the states for the food though. I will just have to work hard not to gain all this weight back.

I love it here, and I miss all of you guys.


Elder Allen

Week 3!


My time here at the MTC has been great.

On sunday I gave a 40 min lesson in Spanish and it went well thanks to all the comments other people made. I also finished the Book of Mormon on Sunday. I am so greatful to have these times in my day set apart just for personal study. When I came here, I was in Alma 40, and I was able to finish it and now I’m through 2 nephi all in 2 weeks. It really is great and my testimony grows each day.

My Spanish is coming along fast as well, due to all of our lessons, and hymns, and testimonies, church meetings, etc all in Spanish. I really feel like I could be fluent in a matter of months.

Today we were able to go to the temple, and the experience was great; all of my friends from my zone and district together to experience the spirit like at no other place.

The food is getting a little better, but that is one thing I’m looking forward to in Idaho.

I love the experience here, and I have a new favorite scripture in Moroni 9:25.


Elder Allen

MTC Life, Push-ups and Conference

Hey, the MTC has been great! I am really enjoying my companion, Elder Rodriguez,  who is fluent in Spanish. We have been teaching an “investigator” and my Spanish is coming along very fast. Im pretty sure i have learned more in this first week than the last 4 years of high school. He reminds me of junior, because of the way he acts and jokes around, and he is really cool guy.

On the second day in the MTC, i was called District Leader, and i have made a lot of new friends, including one elder in my district who lived right down the hall from me at BYU. This Sunday i have to give a 40 min lesson in Spanish, so we will see how that goes.

Personally I have been spiritually and physically developing really well. Because the only food here that I like is the fruit, I have lost like 5 pounds, but a couple times a week they have some actual food. We are able to work out at the gym every afternoon and our district house has a decline pushup contest nightly. I came in second with 40, but Elder Rodriguez did 52 decline pushups.

The spirit here is incredible and far surpasses that of even BYU. I really enjoy the daily schedules and time seems to fly that we are done with orientations. I really like daily study because I have been able to read the second half of Alma, all of Helaman, and almost done with 3rd Nephi already.

The campus is huge and has a lot of buildings and field areas along with a full size basketball court and weight room. I will send pictures when I figure out how to upload them

Mexico is a lot colder than I thought it would be, but in reality the weather is perfect here. It drops down to like 45 at night, and the high during the day is like 75. The elevation has been killing me when I work out and play basketball because it is higher than anything I am used to at 7000 feet.

For the first time in my life, I watched and took notes on every conference talk. The short 10 hours seemed to fly by in the comfy auditorium, and I have found when you pay attention, the talks do not seem to drag on.

Please keep me updated on Papa, that is terrible and I hope that everything will be okay.

My district is really fun and we have a lot of cool guys. One guy named Elder Casey grew up and went to school with Wade. It is a really small world.

I am grateful to be here and very blessed with this opportunity.


Elder Drew Allen