He’s leaving on a Jet Plane


Elder Drew Larsen Allen left for the Mexico City Missionary Training Center (MTC) today. He left from Charlottesville at 5:45 in the morning! 

He’s going to be such a good missionary, and we all are so proud of him! He’s also probably going to be a very spoiled missionary… I think Momma has already lined up several packages to send him. Technically you’re not supposed to send packages to the Mexico MTC, but when there’s a Momma, there’s a way.

*Update!* Elder Allen made it safely to the MTC! This is what he said: “Just go into the MTC. Everything is ok. i will write an actual email when i get more time.” Ha… typical.

Other important dates of note: 

Drew received his Endowment in the Raleigh North Carolina Temple on Saturday September 20, 2015 at 11:30 am. Those in attendance were: Momma, Dad, Jes, Tim, Nana, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa.


Drew gave his farewell talk on Sunday September 21, 2015 in the Harrisonburg 1st Ward Sacrament meeting. Dad also spoke with him! Only a few (thousand) tears were shed! We were impressed by his testimony and his willingness to serve the Lord. He’s a boy of very little words, but when he does speak, he speaks with vigor and conviction.

Drew was set apart to be a missionary by President Carter of the Waynesboro VA Stake on Tuesday September 29, 2015. Those in attendance were: Momma, Dad, Erica, Nana and Papa. Of the experience, he said “I definitely feel a difference.”